.Mian Amer Mahmood


Mohammad Ali Jinnah University

Our world today is in a state of flux. Information Technology has changed virtually every facet of our lives, and an ever-evolving business environment affects each and every one of us. In order to keep pace with these unrelenting changes, we ourselves must continue to acquire the skills and knowledge required to embrace the innovations that are engulfing the global economy.
As a developing nation, it is imperative that we acquire professional management, technical and research skills in order to allow our nation to be able to compete in today’s global arena. We must expand our intellectual horizons so that our country can become an equal participant in the global village that the technology of the 21st century has created.

By choosing Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, you have assured yourself of an educational experience which will enrich your personal life, and empower you professional life.We are committed to providing a stimulating and supportive environment which allows each student to gain confidence and maximize their potential in their chosen field, be it business, telecommunication or computer science. Our educational programs and courses are designed to keep pace with the latest strides in technology and business.

Our faculty is eminently qualified, and is dedicated to equipping our younger generation with the essential academic, professional and personal skills required to compete in today’s challenging employment environment. I welcome you to our institution, where you will not only gain practical knowledge in your chosen field, but also learn to lead, and to serve humanity. We hope your stay with us will be a memorable one.