The Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship offers a concentration in Marketing for the Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) degree program, and Master in Business Administration(MBA). We also offer Bachelor of Science (BS) in Entrepreneurship. Marketing and Entrepreneurship studies at Mohammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU) include emphasis on many areas students will need for the diverse array of career choices in the marketing field. Entrepreneurship concentration is for students interested in starting, owning, and/or operating a business venture as well as students interested in serving entrepreneurial ventures as consultants, bankers, accountants, and marketing professionals.

Marketing is responsible for attracting and keeping satisfied customers by ensuring the organization’s products and services provide the benefits customers seek for costs they are willing and able to pay. Marketing professionals meet target segments’ needs with high-quality innovative products, fair prices, efficient or value-added distribution channels, and attention-grabbing, informative communication. Sound research and analytical skills enable marketers to understand customer segments and the overall marketplace. Marketing goals are to build and maintain long-term profitable relationships by offering superior value to satisfied and loyal customers. We facilitate our students in acquiring all desired marketing skills at MAJU.

At MAJU, we’re dedicated to advancing the knowledge and practice of entrepreneurship and innovation. The department supports entrepreneurial education and collaboration, innovative hands-on learning experiences, as well as faculty research, conferences and mentorship. We also provide advisory services to start-ups and small business entities throughout the region.

The goal of the department is introducing students to professional selling and help them develop basic sales skills. Sales is the #1 career entry point for most MAJU students—meaning we all will need selling skills regardless of our title. We develop these skills in our students through hands-on learning, by partnering with local businesses, and presenting real business scenarios to them. They plan, practice, and then conduct in-person sales role-plays, over-the-phone appointment setting calls, and sales pitches with these sales professionals.

We strive to develop sales skills students can use—and they develop confidence in their ability to communicate professionally and solve problems as or with business leaders. Another benefit is that they get to connect with a variety of local businesses hungry to hire talented students into internship and full-time roles. The partner businesses view this as a unique opportunity to get a pre-view of what students will be like on the job—relating to customers and colleagues—while simultaneously helping students learn about themselves and professional selling.