Dr. Kashif Ishaque


Dr. Kashif Ishaque is currently an associate professor and working as the head of Electrical Engineering department; Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi, Pakistan.
Dr. Kashif is the author and co-author of more than 40 publications in international journals and proceedings. In just five years, his citations have been crossed by 1800 with an H-index of 18, showing the excellent track record of his research expertise. His research interests include modelling and simulation of grid-connected photovoltaic system, efficient battery charging devices for PV system, intelligent control, non-linear systems and exploitation of evolutionary algorithms such as genetic algorithm (GA), particle swarm optimization (PSO) and differential evolution (DE) in engineering applications.


PhD – Electrical Engineering, 2012 (Chancellor Award, Gold Medalist), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
ME, Mechatronics and Automatic Control, 2009 (4/4 CGPA), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
BE, Industrial Electronics Engineering, 2006 (Among top four position holders), NED University Karachi, Pakistan

Teaching Courses



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Selected Conference:

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Other Responsibilities

Supervise research students in their pursuance of research and graduate-level studies
Build close collaboration with industrial sector and obtain the research grants
Devise new graduate courses in the area of modeling and control of solar PV system

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