• To enable students to learn computer languages and Microsoft office.
• To acquaint the students with the structure, operation, programming, and applications of computers.


CLO: 1. to organize and execute (i) different basic syntax/functions of computer programming for quick lengthy calculations and logical results, and (ii) simple programs in C++ on computer.
CLO: 2. to demonstrate simple programs in C++ on computer.
CLO: 3. to interpret logics in developed computer programs.
CLO: 4. to recognize computer hardware, its components and the functionality.


  1. MS Office.
  2. Introduction (Computer hardware and components, Numbers System, Conversion between bases).
  3. Introduction (Integers, Unsigned Integers, Signed Integers, Number Representations and Ranges, ASCII Codes, Algorithms and Flowcharts).
  4. Introduction to C++ language & Input/output, Operators, Selection.
  5. Loop (For, while and do-while loops).
  6. Functions in C++ language.
  7. Arrays and Strings.
  8. Introduction to Matlab.