Mohammad Ali Jinnah University has been doing numerous attempts to make campus greener and preserve resources in the best possible manner and show sustainability in action. We are one of the leading universities who has been doing efforts in researching, teaching, and practical environmental sustainability. By doing this, we are creating healthier environment now and ensuring availability of resources for our future generation. Mohammad Ali Jinnah University is thoroughly engaged in research and innovative teaching on sustainability and environment. The environment related content is includes in most of the subjects.

Going green and sustainability has become the core value in campus action The University is consistently making efficient investments in, and taking significant steps for sustainability at operational and programmatic level. The Directorate of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) is forming sustainable strategies and leads those strategies and initiatives on campus physical infrastructure and programs in energy and climate, water, transportation, and building operations. DSE has also done a significant number of collaborations with different organization.

The DSE communicates with all the university departments and works collaboratively with them to implement sustainability-specific initiatives. The DSE focused key areas are communication, training, and education; assessments, evaluation, and reporting; events, campaigns, and talk; organizational effectiveness and infrastructural planning support.