Director ORIC Message

Our endeavors are to make our students useful to the society in particular and the people in general.

  • The university envisions itself as a premier national, academic & research institution to develop sound and strong knowledge base in all the disciplines of the University by strengthening teaching and learning.
  • To develop critical and analytical mind among faculty and students in order to evolve and develop good academic/research culture.
  • Develop patterns of education that promotes quality scientific and technological development, freedom, unity, harmonization, peace, and understanding of our cultural & historical diversity

ORIC has been making endeavors for student’s conferences at national level and aiming to launch an international conference. This would in turn facilitate students to enhance their educational skills and gain experience of presentation on a platform to foster academia-industry collaborations, and to evaluate emerging technologies and latest developments in the related fields.

ORIC is determined to achieve the impressive goal of crafting industrial linkages, research culture, and new innovation of wining projects from HEC.


The Mohammad Ali Jinnah University has a binding concern to produce individuals with high academic caliber. For this purpose, it is pertinent to establish ‘Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization’ (ORIC) to nurture research and innovation. We strive to merge research efforts of internal and external stakeholders through participative governance structures.

The Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) at Mahammad Ali Jinnah University was established in July 2011 to encourage commercialization of research by our staff and students. It has forged linkages between industry and university, nationally and internationally.


Following fundamental statements govern the working of the ORIC at the Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi.


To serve the humanity as a dynamic and competitive center of research and development.


To provide quality research, promote scholarship with service to the humanity. To support innovation, inculcate creativity while following the key moral values and promote sustainable development.


  1. Enabling research
  2. Capacity building
  3. Faculty development by increasing national and international exposure
  4. Student quality enrichment
  5. Research direction setting and student counselling
  6. Improvements to curriculum based research

Core Values

Our core values are Honesty, Creativity, Competitiveness, Academic Freedom, Innovation, Excellence, Self-Reliance, Equal Opportunity, Re¬spect for Diversity, Institutional Culture and Corporate Governance.

ORIC Scope

We at ORIC share the responsibility of nurturing all research programs and policies to reflect the above core values. We also strive to have full compliance with all legal requirements and operational policies of the university. We strive to be an enabler to research and scholarship through:

  1. Furthering the university’s strategic research directions and policies
  2. Diversifying external research funding and increasing its footprint
  3. Improving recruitment structures by identifying top research oriented faculty
  4. Enhancing multi-disciplinary research initiatives in diverse fields
  5. Integrating research and education in pedagogy
  6. Working from impact factor to impact by improving the translation of research into public benefit
  7. Increasing university-industry relationships
  8. Promoting research commercialization, innovation and entrepreneurship in support of indigenous technology that revives the economy

Identity Statement

The Mohammad Ali Jinnah University is deeply commit¬ted to the promulgation of a knowledge culture and cultivation of wisdom for the benefit of the humanity.

Philosophy Statement

Every person has the right to explore the frontiers of knowledge


The Part 1 of the University Act of May 18, 2000 vide Sindh Ordinance No. IV of 2000 in Chapter II, The university vide clause 4 (i) which states,

“… and in such branches of learning as it may deem fit for the advancement of knowledge as it may determine”

Further vide clause 4 (xii),

“To appoint members of the various bodies and committees as the board may determine for instructional and co-curricular activities and admit students of the university and its constituent units.”

Further vide clause 4 (xiii),

“To appoint such officers including teachers and members of the staff as necessary and prescribe terms and conditions and powers and duties of such officers and staff…”

Hence, the statues of the university empower it to constitute committees and bodies so that it nurtures a research culture that is consistent with the national goals.


The purpose and scope of the policy covers all aspects of research being carried out at the Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi. The policy shall become a part of the handbook of researcher and shall formulate the guiding principles for conducting state of the art research and innovation. This policy is applicable to all researchers, students, faculty and staff. The overall purpose of this policy being to,

  1. Provide a framework for the governance of research and development
  2. Affirm research and innovation as a priority
  3. Provide effective and efficient support for research and innovation
  4. Ensure the fair treatment of all researchers, staff and students
  5. Ensure effective communication (internally and exter¬nally) about the principles and policies on which the research activities of the University are founded
  6. Establish rational, transparent and collective deci¬sion-making processes around the allocation of re¬search funds and other kinds of support for research
  7. Balance the needs of research capacity development against those of established researchers
  8. Integrate support for postgraduate research into the main research system
  9. Clarify roles and functions within the university re¬search system
  1. To increase visibility and marketing of research groups and activities. This shall enable the sharing of details of all outstanding members and their achievements.
  2. Increasing the visibility of publications through the website.
  3. Nurture a research environment for each faculty member for the enhancement of their research career.