This lab has been designed to provide an introduction to the ideas and concepts of Physics that would serve as a foundation for subsequent electronic engineering courses. The primary objective is to endow the knowledge of a wide variety of electric and magnetic phenomena along with their scientific applications, specifically, in the field of electronic engineering. The lab starts with a short review of basics of electricity. A majority of the lab experiments are then dedicated for electric and magnetic fields, forces, elements and their applications.


CLO: 1. Perform hands on experience on primary electronic lab instruments including DMM, function generator & oscilloscope.(Level: P1)

CLO: 2. Construct an electronic circuit on bread board and observe its output on oscilloscope by applying practical knowledge acquired in lab using different passive components.(Level: P4)

CLO: 3. Show knowledge of constructing an electronic circuit for a given set of constraints.(Level: C6)


  1. Introduction to widely used electronic components.
  2. Finding resistance using color coding techniques & connecting them in series and parallel.
  3. Familiarization with analog and digital multi meter.
  4. Verification of Ohm’s Law.
  5. Voltage divider and current divider.
  6. Kirchhoff’s voltage law & Kirchhoff’s current law.
  7. Magnetic lines of force.
  8. Familiarization with function generator and oscilloscope.
  9. Familiarization with light dependent resistor (LDR).
  10. Generating waveforms of different frequencies on oscilloscope.
  11. Familiarization with capacitor coding
  12. Charging and discharging of a capacitor.