This lab covers advanced aspects of electronics. It teaches designing of multistage amplifiers, power amplifiers, feed-back amplifiers and oscillators. The lab course covers design and synthesis as well as analyses of these important circuits.


CLO:1. Express knowledge of primary electronic lab instruments including DMM, Function Generator, Oscilloscope and Electronic trainer to make and verify Common base, emmiter, collector configuration, amplifiers, current mirrors and operational amplifier circuits (Level: P2)

CLO:2. Design and investigate electronic circuits to achieve certain predefined outputs and debug for errors at intermediate stages (Level:C6)


  1. Common Emitter Amplifier AC signal Analysis
  2. Common Base and Emitter Follower (Common Collector) Amplifier
  3. Common-Source Transistor Amplifier
  4. Multistage Amplifier: RC Coupling
  5. Darlington and Cascode Amplifier Circuit
  6. Frequency Response of a Common-Emitter Amplifier
  7. Class A and Class B Power Amplifier
  8. Differential Amplifier Circuit
  9. Linear Op-Amp Circuit
  10. Oscillator Circuit