The lab focuses on the main aspects of power distribution and utilization of electrical engineering. The main aspects covered in this lab include the dissection of cable, cable size selection, maximum load limits etc. The lab also gives insight of distribution transformer, power factor improvement and electrical wiring for energy utilization at consumer end.


CLO:1. Use measuring instruments to measure high level voltage, current and resistance. The lab will also enable the students to choose appropriate cable size for a given load. (Level: P1)

CLO:2.Express knowledge of distribution transformer, one-line diagram construction and power factor improvement. (Level: C2)

CLO:3.Make connection in home electrical wiring from services mains to different distribution boards and electrical points (Level: P1).


  1. Introduction to Power Distribution & Utilization Lab
  2. Three Phase Delta connected power distribution system with Balanced and Unbalanced RLC load.
  3. Three Phase Wye Connected power distribution system with Balanced and Unbalanced RLC load.
  4. Calculation of voltage regulation of distribution lines.
  5. Power loss calculations in distribution lines.
  6. Analysis of Ringmain and Radial system in power distribution network.
  7. Power Factor Improvement using Capacitor Banks.
  8. Power flow analysis in Distribution Network using ETAP.
  9. Understand fundamental design of Illumination Schemes.
  10. Study of Home Electricity distribution wiring and lamps.