Department of Economics

About The Department

Department of Economics is one of the leading Economics departments in Karachi. We aim to produce high quality research and teaching. Department of Economics is a blend of high quality professionals and academic economists. Our members have a diversified experience in both research and teaching. The faculty includes early career researchers, lecturers, senior lecturers, and well qualified permanent faculty members. We currently have three doctorate degree holders and many early career researchers / lecturers. The Department produces high quality research which covers a range of areas. The faculty members engage in research activities with small and focused groups that is a key to get first-class research. The members work under various clusters and each cluster is convened by a senior member of the department, responsible for monitoring group’s activities. The department conducts workshops, seminars, webinars, and research field-trips in order to create an active environment for the faculty members to produce the best research. The Department of Economics also works in the collaboration with other departments of the university i.e. the Department of Finance/ Accounting and Law/ Management Sciences/ Marketing and Entrepreneurship, and Operations and Information Systems Management.

Vision Statement:

To be recognized as a leading Department of Economics for imparting high-quality education in various disciplines of economics and developing cutting age research on contemporary economic issues facing humanity nationally and internationally.

Mission Statement:

The department of economics aims to promote studying divers’ fields of economics and conducting utility-based research to provide solutions for current challenges through extensive utilization of technological tools, developing dynamic research culture and providing all latest resources required in present era.