Students develop a solid understanding for analysis of communication signals in time domain and frequency domain. Students learn to design and simulate many types of communication circuits, and then assemble, measure, and evaluate the circuits using laboratory instruments. Students develop competency in measurement science by utilizing modern advanced instruments, which are similar to instruments presently being used by engineers in industry.


CLO: 1. Demonstrate your technical skills on modulation and demodulation through different communication modules. (Level: P2)
CLO: 2. Observe output waveforms and signal spectrum using digital oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer. (Level: P3)
CLO: 3.Construct a project/application by applying the concepts and modern techniques used for communication system. (Level: P4)


  1. An Overview of RF Oscillators
  2. Evaluation of Second Order Low Pass and High Pass Filters
  3. Introduction to Spectrum Analyzer
  4. Measurements of various parameters of Signals on Spectrum Analyzer
  5. Study of Modulation processes for Amplitude modulation
  6. Study of Demodulation processes for Amplitude modulated signals.
  7. Carrier Suppression and Single Side Band (SSB) in AM
  8. Demodulation of Suppressed Carrier (SC) and SSB of Amplitude Modulated Signals
  9. Frequency Modulation
  10. Demodulation of Frequency Modulated Signals
  11. Analog to Digital Conversion
  12. Digital to Analog Conversion
  13. Pulse Width Modulation
  14. Demodulation of Pulse Width Modulated Signals