• To enable students to learn advanced principles of fluid mechanics for broader application to civil engineering projects.


CLO: 1. To analyze the forces in fluid flow, similitude & dimensional analysis and uniform flow in open channels
CLO: 2. To assess the performance of turbines and pumps.
CLO: 3. To clarify and justify the basic concepts of pumps and turbines.
CLO: 4. To perform various calculation of fluid flows using MS Excel


  1. Similitude and Dimensional Analysis
    • Similitude in hydraulic models
    • Similitude requirements: geometric, kinematics and dynamics similarities
    • Dimensionless numbers and their significance
    • Releigh’s method
    • Buckingham’s PI-theorem and its application, physical models, techniques and analysis
    • Introduction to numerical models
  2. Impacts of Jet
    • Development of the momentum principle
    • Application of the momentum principle
    • Forces on pressure conduits
    • Force of a free jet on stationary vane
    • Force of a free jet on moving vane
  3. Water Turbines
    • Types, reaction and impulse-turbines
    • Momentum equation applied to turbines
    • Specify speed, Turbine characteristic
  4. Centrifugal Pumps
    • Classifications
    • Construction features, operation and efficiencies
    • Specific speed and characteristic curves
    • Cavitation and operation
  5. Reciprocating Pumps
    • Types
    • Construction features and working,
    • Maximum suction lift,
    • Air vessels
  6. Uniform Flow in Open Channels
    • Chezy’s and Manning’s equations
    • Bazin’s and Kutter’s equations
    • Most economical rectangular and trapezoidal sections
  7. Hydrodynamics Review
    • Ideal and real fluid
    • Differential equation of continuity
    • Rotational and irrational flow
    • Stream function and velocity potential function
    • Brief description of flow fields
    • Orthogonality of stream lines and equipotential lines
    • Flow net and its limitations
    • Different methods of drawing flow net.
  8. Introduction to related software