• Affirm that all the information supplied is completed and accurate to the best of my knowledge and any misrepresentation of facts can lead to refusal of admission.cancellation of admission /dismissal from the university or any legal action.
    • For result awaiting students I certify that I have already taken the exam based on which i am seeking admission and will submit result before the midterm of the 1st semester. I understand that my admission shall stand canceled forthwith if i fail to attain the requisite percentage and any refund of the fee would be in accordance with university fee refund Policy.
    • I undertake to deposit with the admission office immediately but not later then the completion of the 1st semester, a copy of my previous mark sheet attested by IBCC/Board/HEC whichever is applicable. If I fail to do so I may be dropped from the program and so fee refund/adjustment shall be made to me in such an eventuality.
    • I shall devote myself wholeheartedly to my studies, and maintain the dignity and prestige of the University within and outside the campus and will abide by the academic rules and the codes of disciplin and shall be liable to any penalty including rustication expulsion from the University in case of any violation on my part.
    • I shall abide by the rules and regulations of the University.