Good teacher instruction is significant for the improvement and upliftment of a society. In any distinguished human society, the instructive framework requires profoundly gifted instructing staff. To raise the benchmarks of instruction, especially in Karachi, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University has propelled the program AD in Education under the Department of Basic Sciences. The program is special because it shows a uniqueness from conventional educational hones to learner-centered and dynamic learning approaches that empower the advancement of essential aptitudes and miens for instruction. This department will impart refinement to the University in connection to other educational institutions of Pakistan because it will cater to the requirements of all age bunches and levels of instruction.

AD in Education covers all angles of the instructive framework from academic execution to enthusiasm and inspiration among instructors and understudies. It is intrigue in its nature and concerned with human brain research, organizational behavior, administration, financial matters of instruction, testing and measuring the execution of people and learning. This degree brings a perspective among its understudies to think out of the box and prepare them for effective administrative skills to prompt positive social change within the education and society.

Career Prospects:

  • The graduates of this program will be able to grow within educational community and pursue an advanced degree to become an educational administrator.
  • This program will prepare understudies to cooperate for alignment of lesson plans with district, state and federal materials and requirements, as well as enable them to propose and design standalone programs in their respective field of education.
  • This program will enable understudies to impart their expertise as an education officer, education administrator, education consultant, and education practitioner.
  • The understudies of this program will be highly motivated to perform their duties as experienced teachers with a passion for supporting the learning and educational needs of their pupils.



Upon successful completion of the program, candidates will be able to:
PLO-1 Create needful candidates (potential teachers) with most recent educational program, educating methods, and strategies:
PLO-2 Empower the planned candidates to make a classroom environment that assists learning by locks in understudies in positive social interaction and dynamic learning:
PLO-3 Enable candidates to utilize ICT (Information Communication Technology) within the classroom:
PLO-4 Make candidates to oversee the classroom environment:
PLO-5 Meet the increasing demand for trained teachers in Pakistan:

Admission Requirements

  • 14 Years education with at least Second Division from a University recognized by HEC.
  • MAJU Admission Test and Previous Academic Performance.
  • Interview.


  • B. Ed program is a two-year degree program comprising of 4 semesters. There will be a Fall and a Spring semester each year. The summer semester can also be utilized as a bridging semester to improve the Grades. The minimum duration to complete the degree program is 02 years, and the maximum limit is 04 years.


  • A student is required to register for the Research Project after the completion of 49 credit hours with a minimum 50%


  • All students ideally undergo 4 weeks practicum (Semester III & IV) permitted by the placement office. The practicum is usually taken after passing 34 Credit Hours. The practicum coordinator closely monitors the course. Successful completion of the practicum is an essential requirement for graduation.

Degree Requirement

  • Minimum Second Division
  • Teaching Practicum of 06 Credit Hours (With Certification)
  • Research Project of 3 Credit Hours


Degree Name Duration Credit Hours Courses
AD in Education 2 Years 64 22


Plan of Study

Semester I
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
English (Compulsory) 3
Educational Statics 2
Human Development and Learning 3
Macro Teaching 3
Educational Psychology 3
General Methods of Teaching 3
Total Credit Hours = 17
Semester II
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
Information Technology (ICT) 3
Critical Thinking and Reflective Practices 3
Educational Administration and Supervision 3
Micro Teaching 3
Classroom Management 3
Introduction to Guidance and Counseling 2
Total Credit Hours = 17
Semester III
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
Leadership and Management 3
Teacher Education in Pakistan 3
Philosophy of Education 3
Teaching Practicum I (Method & Plan) 3
Curriculum & Syllabus Design 3
Total Credit Hours = 15
Semester IV
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
Research Project 3
Testing and Evaluation 3
Teaching Practicum II (Pedagogy) 3
Professionalism in Teaching 3
Educational Research 3
Total Credit Hours = 15

 Total Credit Hours in Degree = 64