This course helps the students to understand basic knowledge of visual studio and computer programs and capable of designing different C language programs and flowcharts.


CLO: 1.Express fundamental knowledge and understanding of computer programming using C Language program constructs (Level: C2)
CLO: 2.Express the knowledge and demonstrate the use of software tool, Microsoft Visual Studio for program development in C Language (Level: C3)
CLO: 3.Apply the knowledge of C programming to develop small-to-moderate scale software applications and use Visual Studio software tool for program testing and debugging. (Level: C3)


  1. Overview of C programming language, data types and operators
  2. Selection Control Structures (if, nested if-else, switch statement)
  3. Repetition Control Structures (for, while, do-while loops)
  4. User defined Functions Part-I
  5. User defined Functions Part-II
  6. One Dimensional Arrays
  7. Multi-Dimensional Arrays
  8. Strings in C language.
  9. Pointers and Address Arithmetic
  10. Structures in C-Language
  11. User Defined Data Types and Unions
  12. I/O Streams and File Handling.