To familiarize the students with the concept of control system analysis and design in time and frequency domain both by classical methods and modern techniques, working with lab equipment to reinforce the concepts


CLO: 1. Show behavior of different control systems on MATLAB by applying various input conditions. (Level: C3)
CLO: 2. Perform different experiments on Lego Mindstorm and demonstrate working of PID Controller as practical applications of Control Systems. (Level: P3)
CLO: 3.Construct an electronic project individually or in group by applying the theoretical knowledge earned in lab. (Level: P4)


  1. Basic programming for MATLAB & Simulink
  2. Modeling of Electrical and Mechanical Systems in MATLAB and Simulink.
  3. Study of transient response specifications.
  4. Frequency domain modeling of RC circuit using Bode plot.
  5. Dynamic modeling of DC motor.
  6. To learn about response of DC motor using P controller on oscilloscope and Simulink
  7. To learn about the response of DC motor using P, PI, PD and PID controller on Oscilloscope and Simulink.
  8. Study of Ziegler-Nichols Tuning for DC MOTOR
  9. Introduction to digital systems.
  10. Implementation of Distance control on Ligo Mindstorms robot using Labview.