Introduce the concepts and mathematical methods to understand and analyze electromagnetic fields and waves.


CLO: 1. Explain Maxwells equation their physical meaning and derivation from time varing fields. (Level: C2)
CLO: 2. Apply vector calculus to compute electric and magnetic field strengths and their behavior under varying conditions (Level: C3)
CLO: 3. Analyze electric and magnetic fields from stationary and dynamic charge and current distributions (Level: C4)


  1. Review of Vectors and Coordinate Systems-Two Lectures
  2. Static Electric Field-Ten Lectures
    • Coulomb’s law and Electric Field
    • Gauss’ law and Divergence of Electric Flux Density
    • Work, Potential, Potential Gradient and Energy in Electrostatic Field
    • Current and Current Density, Conductor, Dielectrics, Boundary Conditions, Capacitance
    • Laplace’s and Poisson’s Equations
  3. Steady state magnetic Field-Ten Lectures
    • Steady Magnetic Field
    • Biot-Savart Law
    • Ampere’s Law
    • Curl of H, Stoke’s Theorem
    • Magnetic Boundary Conditions
    • Magnetic Material and Boundary Conditions
    • Magnetic Flux Density
    • Vector Magnetic Potential
    • Inductance
  4. Time varying fields-Six Lectures
    • Faraday’s Law
    • Displacement Current Density
    • Maxwell’s Equations in Differential and Integral Form
    • Retarded Potential
  5. Reflection-Four Lectures
    • Reflection from perfect conductors
    • Refection from perfect dielectrics