This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to enhance their understanding of financial management. It is a course which provides a conceptual understanding of the financial decision-making process. Rather than just introducing the students to the tools and techniques of finance, the course focuses on the interrelationships among the topics covered. It explores the “big picture” and actual practice- i.e., financial decision making rooted in current financial theory and in the current state of world economic conditions. An effort has been made in designing the course to keep it simple yet effective. Prime focus has been on building strong theoretical foundation with practical application.


CLO: 1. To forecast a firm’s financial needs and estimate project cashflows to distinguish between value creating and value destroying investments. (PLO 2 and PLO3)
CLO: 2. To learn various methods for analyzing projects, how to apply them, and what to do if there are conflicting recommendations. (PLO3 and PLO10)
CLO: 3. To manage a firm’s working capital efficiently. (PLO10)