International Business formation and understanding is an integral component of modern corporations. Business executives are frequently involved in business planning, procurement, implementation and overall management. Consequently, it is imperative that all business managers exhibit a basic understanding of various categories of International Business and their impact. Moreover, the growth of Internet, globalization of trade, and the rise of information economies have enhanced the practices of International Business and management. This course is mainly based on the topic of International Business revolution in management of the enterprise. To emphasize the practical utilization of concepts covered in the course, case studies will also be discussed. The purpose is to enable students to identify, explain and apply these important concepts in International business organizations


CLO: 1. To learn the fundamental principles, concepts and theories of international business and globalization.
CLO: 2. To understand the factors which contribute to the diversity and complexity of the international business environment.
CLO: 3. Demonstrate awareness of the global environment in which businesses operate and to develop an understanding and appreciation of the cultural differences.