This course is the continuation of Principles of Accounting I course that you have already undertaken. The POA I course was mainly concerned with the introductory accounting and measurement and valuation of the Assets side of the statement of financial position (balance sheet). This course has two main components; one is the measurement and valuation of the credit side, liabilities of the statement of financial position of a business. This component is common for all businesses whether incorporated or not. The other part deals with the issues specific to corporate accounting. Though the course book deals mainly with US financial reporting environment, most of the stuff to be discussed in the class shall refer to the local regulatory framework. It is therefore very important that you attend the classes, besides being in the class. This course will also give you an understanding of how the stock market operates.


CLO: 1. To demonstrate problem solving skills of advanced concepts of accounting
CLO: 2. To understand and apply the professional code of ethical and corporate social responsibility conduct while implementing accounting concepts and standards to complex business problems
CLO: 3. To solve practical problems in assigned groups for learning the importance of team work and to learn how to use accounting software for developing appropriate system and ERP for a corporation