With the help of this master’s program, you will be able to enhance your ability as a professional in the job market, thereby increasing the quantity and quality of job opportunities that come your way. With an MBA, you can also build a skillset of business leadership, enabling you to become a better professional networker. A degree of MBA from our prestigious university is highly appreciated by employers, opening several pathways for you to advance your professional career. In other regards, a degree in business management also benefits you personally. Whether your working expertise is related to finances, technology, managerial work, marketing, and manufacturing, an MBA degree is posed to open new opportunities, imparting greater responsibility, career advancement, and financial rewards. At a personal level, an MBA therefore improves your competency to effectively communicate and act as leader in your professional duties.

  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing


  • A minimum of 14 years of education (bachelor’s degree) in any discipline.
  • Two years work experience.
  • Admission Test


Candidates must successfully complete following requirements for grant of MBA Professional degree:

AREA Cr. Hrs.
Core Courses 42
Elective Courses 09
Specialization Courses 09
Business Project 06

Core Courses (42 Cr. Hrs.)

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Management Theory and Practice MGTP3003 3
Marketing Theory and Practice MKTP3003 3
Economics ECOP3033 3
Business Mathematics and Statistics MTHP3023 3
Financial Accounting ACCP3013 3
Human Resource Management HRMP3003 3
Management Information Systems MISP4043 3
Operations Management MGTP3043 3
Business Communication BCMP3043 3
Financial Management FINP4013 3
Strategic Marketing MKTP4023 3
Project Management MGTP4063 3
Business Law and Ethics LAWP4013 3
Strategic Management MGTP4023 3

Elective Courses (9 Cr. Hrs.)

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Organizational Behavior MGTP4073 3
Change Management MGTP4083 3
Business Research and Report Writing  MGTP4103 3
Leadership MGTP4113 3
Entrepreneurship & Innovation ENTP4003 3
Special Topics in Management Sciences MGTP4xx3 3

Specialization Courses (9 Cr. Hrs.)

(a) Finance

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Corporate Finance FINP4023 3
Analysis of Financial Statements FINP4123 3
Portfolio Management FINP4063 3
International Financial Management FINP4213 3
Special Topics in Finance FINP4813 3

(b) Human Resource Management

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Recruitment and Selection HRMP4143 3
Training and Development HRMP4013 3
Conflict and Negotiation HRMP4103 3
Strategic HRM HRMP4053 3
Special Topics in HRM HRMP4813 3

(c) Marketing

Course Title Code Cr. Hrs.
Brand Management MKTP3053 3
Consumer Behavior MKTP4033 3
Services Marketing MKTP4013 3
Customer Relationship Management MKTP3233 3
Advertising & Sales Promotion MKTP3043 3
Special Topics in Marketing MKTP4813 3


Semester - 1

Course Title Cr. Hr
Advanced Research Methodology 3
Strategic Finance 3
Strategic Marketing 3

Semester - 2

Course Title Cr. Hr
Strategic Management 3
Specialization I 3
Specialization II 3

Semester - 3

Course Title Cr. Hr
Specialization III 3
Technology Elective 3
Floating Elective 3

Semester - 4

Course Title Cr. Hrs
Final Research Project 3
– Specialization in Marketing & Analytics
– Specialization in Finance
– Specialization in Islamic Banking & Finance
– Specialization in HRM & Organizational Psychology
– Specialization in Supply Chain & Informatics
– Specialization in FinTech