Part II: A capstone project or a senior year design project is conducted at the end of the Bachelor of Engineering degree plan. It is divided into two semesters. Its objective is to introduce students to work on an industrial nature project through which they can build their expertise in Mechanical Engineering at the professional level. It may consists of application to industry or solving industrial problem or creation of an idea that may lead to a product development through prototyping and must have some level of research content. Moreover, it may have a multidisciplinary approach.


CLO-1: Identify, formulate and provide creative, innovative and effective solutions to Mechanical engineering problems.(Problem Analysis)
CLO-2: Learn the engineering design cycle and apply knowledge to design solutions, systems, components and processes in order to meet specified requirements efficiently. (Design, development of solutions) 
CLO-3: Analyze engineering data critically and through systematic investigations, make conclusions and recommendations for performance improvement of systems. (Investigation)
CLO-4: Exhibit working knowledge of design and computational tools as well as instrumentation and measurement tools for development and processing industry.