1. To enable students to learn basics of general drawing and civil engineering drawing.
2. To understand fundamentals of architectural, structural, plumbing, electrical and HVAC drawings.


CLO:1 Learn basics of both general engineering drawing and basic civil engineering drawings.
CLO:2 Understand the fundamentals of architectural, structural, plumbing and electrical drawings.
CLO:3 Have skills to (i) produce architectural, structural, & plumbing drawings and (ii) study electrical & HVAC details/layout.


  1. Border line / margin, title box, gothic lettering, isometric views, orthographic views (first and third angles) and sections.
  2. Architectural plan, elevation and section of a simple building.
  3. Structural details of a simple building.
  4. Architectural and structural details of a boundary wall.
  5. Architectural and structural details of stair case.
  6. Structural details of a water tank.
  7. Plumbing, sanitation, and roof drainage plan of a simple building.
  8. Electrical and HVAC drawings of a simple building.