• Have the ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to understand the measurement techniques and equipment used in land surveying.
• To enable students to understand theory and practice of land surveying.
• To enable students in reading and preparing surveying maps.
• To develop skills to use modern survey instruments.


CLO: 1. to follow and implement field work in a group on the basis of written or verbal instructions.
CLO: 2. to demonstrate the assigned task reliably independent of help.
CLO: 3. to report and prepare the survey field book and manual by conducting field work.
CLO: 4. to discuss and respond actively in group activities during the field work of survey experiments.


  1. Introduction to instruments and communication techniques used in surveying.
  2. Determination of distances by chain, pacing and ranging rods in a given scheme.
  3. Determination of polygon area and building covered area in a given scheme by tape/chain and by triangulation.
  4. Determination of elevation of various points with automatic level by Collimation Plane Method, Rise & Fall Method and Tachometry.
  5. Profile leveling of a given scheme and fixing bench mark with respect to temporary or known bench mark by Fly leveling and Check leveling.
  6. To draw Contour plan of a given scheme using auto level.
  7. Plane Table surveying.
  8. Use of theodolite to determine;
    • Building’s height using vertical angle method.
    • Close and open traversing of a given scheme.