This course is a step ahead of what students studied in English-I. The importance of English language cannot be denied. It enriches our thought and culture and provides us with the most important international vehicle of expression. It has opened for us several doors of knowledge for it is the lingua franca of the world and also the language of science, technology, commerce and diplomacy. The main objective of this course is to enhance English language skills of the students and develop their critical thinking. Moreover, the course will ensure enabling the students to be able to:

• Write grammatically correct and structurally coherent English
• Summarize lengthy texts in their own words
• Know the format of memo writing and develop memorandum on their own
• Translate texts into idiomatically correct language without sacrificing the originality of the source text
• Develop paragraphs and essays beyond what they might have memorized in the past
• Understand complex texts


CLO-1: Summarize lengthy as well as complex texts without losing the gist and important details of the original written piece. (C2)

CLO-2: Prepare official letters, memorandums and reports, and also to be able to produce these documents in a professional manner. (C3)

CLO-3: Differentiate between different kinds of essays and to construct brainstorming-clustering method to generate ideas in the form of a coherent essay. (C4)

CLO-4: Apply extensive reading habits in a bid to improve reading skills, learn to apply place punctuation marks and use question tags in an appropriate manner. (C3)

CLO-5: Identify presentation blind spots for sound presentation skills through presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Prezi. (C1)