The main objective of Fluid Mechanics Lab is to improve psycho motor skills of the students and to demonstrate them the basic principles of Fluid Mechanics.


CLO:1 Measure key variables of interest (such as discharge coefficient, coefficient of velocity and coefficient of contraction etc.) with confidence and proficiency. (P4)
CLO:2 Sketch relevant graphs (such as power and efficiency, rotation speed and efficiency, head and flow rate etc.) with confidence and proficiency. (P4)
CLO:3 Analyze experimental data by computing derived quantities from the measured values. (C4)
CLO:4 Volunteers for answering the questions related to experiments. Answers confidently on direct questioning.(A2)


  • Experiment # 01:
    • Hydrostatic Pressure Measurement
  • Experiment # 02:
    • To Determine the Discharge Coefficient using Venturi meter
  • Experiment # 03:
    • Determine Flow Coefficients, Discharge Coefficient, Velocity Coefficient and Contraction Coefficient
  • Experiment # 04:
    • Flow Rate Measurement Techniques and Determination of Reynolds number
  • Experiment # 05:
    • Impact of a Jet
  • Experiment # 06:
    •  To Investigate the Pressure Losses in Pipe Bends and Fittings
  • Experiment # 07, 8(a, b):
    • Flow over bluff Bodies
  • Experiment # 09:
    • Performance study of centrifugal pumps connected in series and parallel.
  • Experiment # 10:
    •  Performance of Pelton Wheel Turbine.
  • Experiment # 11:
    • Performance of Francis and Kaplan Turbine.
  • Experiment # 12:
    •  Free and Forced Vortex.
  • Experiment # 13:
    • CFD analysis in Converging Diverging Nozzle