To introduce and demonstrate students the basic concepts of shearing, bending and molding operations and to develop knowledge of appropriate parameters to be used for manufacturing operations. Ability to demonstrate skills for completion of tasks individually like preparing a manufactured part, operating a piece of equipment or using software.


CLO-1: Explain the working principles and processing characteristics of TIG, MIG welding, shearing, bending and riveting operations (P2)
CLO-2: Reproduce the results of effects of speed, feed and depth of cut on surface roughness using turning operations using modern computation tools. (P3)


1. Casting

  • Experiment # 01:
    • To prepare mould and core assembly and to put metal in mould and fettle casting,

2. Moulding

  • Experiment # 02:
    • To understand the manufacturing of hollow and solid plastic parts using blow moulding machine and injection moulding machine.

3. Sheet Metal Working

  • Experiment # 03:
    • To make a tissue box from a given metal sheet by using shearing and bending machines. Also, join metal plates by riveting operation.

4. Shaping and Grinding

  • Experiment # 04:
    • To make multiple v slots on a rectangular block using shaper machine and grinder machine.

5. Milling

  • Experiment # 05:
    • To make a spur gear using milling machine.

6. CNC Lathe

  • Experiment # 06:
    • To understand the basic knowledge of CNC machines
  • Experiment # 07:
    • To perform step turning on CNC Lathe.

7. CNC Milling

  • Experiment # 08:
    • To simulate and manufacture a rectangular plate with holes through CNC milling.
  • Experiment # 09:
    • To simulate and manufacture a rectangular plate with holes through CNC milling.

8. 3D Printing

  • Experiment # 10
    • To understand the working principle of 3D Printer
  • Experiment # 11:
    • Model and fabricate an object using 3D Printer

9. Welding

  • Experiment # 12:
    • To join plates of aluminum box using TIG welding
  • Experiment # 13:
    • To join base plate/sheet of aluminum box using MIG welding.