The MS program in Mechanical Engineering emphasizes the practical applications of mechanical engineering principles to the needs of the society. The program is designed to nurture students for careers in industry, government and academia. The primary purpose of this graduate program is to provide post-bachelor’s professional education in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on coursework and research aligned with global technological trends.The structure and sequence of the program is designed to ensure that every graduate has the knowledge, ability and understanding required to meet the basic guidelines provided by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan and industries of repute.

Specialization Streams

The Mechanical Engineering Department offers the following specialization streams:

  • Mechanical Design
  • Thermal Sciences
  • Manufacturing


  • A minimum of 16 years of education leading to BS/ BE in Mechanical Engineering / Aerospace/ Avionics or equivalent. Applicants with undergraduate degree from non-relevant areas may be required to take some undergraduate courses to fulfill pre-requisite deficiencies as determined by the Graduate Admission Committee. The deficiency Cr. Hrs. will not be counted towards the minimum Cr. Hrs. requirement for the award of the MS degree.
  • Minimum 2.00/4.00 CGPA or 50% marks
  • Admission Test / HEC Approved Test


A student admitted in this program will have to complete the degree requirements by following any one of the options given below:

AREA Cr. Hrs.
24 SCH Course Work, 06 SCH Thesis 30
27 SCH Course Work, 03 SCH Project 30
30 SCH Course Work 30


A student can claim a specialization if he/she has completed 15 Cr. Hrs. including research work, if opted, from one of these specialization areas Click here.Otherwise, on the completion of 30 Cr. Hrs., he/she will be awarded the MS Degree without any specialization.


This is normally a two years program comprising of 4 semesters. There will be a Fall and a Spring semester in each year. The maximum duration to complete MS in Mechanical Engineering is 4 years.


A student is required to earn a minimum 3.00/4.00 CGPA on the completion of his degree requirements.

Core Courses

Course Title Course Code Cr. Hrs
Research Methodologies for Engineers ME5703 3
Optimization Methods for Engineers ME5713 3
Experimental Methods ME5723 3
Finite Elements Methods ME5003 3
Product Design and Development ME5663 3
Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics ME5103 3

Specialization Areas

1. Mechanical Design

Course Title Course Code Cr. Hrs
Theory of Elasticity ME5014 3
Experimental Stress Analysis ME5023 3
Continuum Mechanics ME5033 3
Advanced Engineering Materials ME5043 3
Advanced Mechanical Vibration ME6003 3
Advanced Solid Mechanics ME6013 3
Fracture Mechanics ME6063 3
Advanced Mechanical Design ME6073 3

2. Thermal Science

Course Title Course Code Cr. Hrs
Internal Combustion Engines ME5113 3
Thermal Power Generation ME5123 3
Gas Dynamics ME5133 3
Energy Conversion ME5143 3
Combustion ME5113 3
Conduction Heat Transfer ME5203 3
Convective Heat Transfer ME5213 3
Thermal Design of Heat Exchangers ME5223 3
Radiation Heat Transfer ME5233 3
Computational Heat Transfer ME5243 3
Advanced Fluid Mechanics ME5503 3
Computational Fluid Dynamics ME5513 3
Fluid Mixing and Sepration ME5523 3
Transport Phenomena ME5533 3
Viscous Flow ME5543 3

3. Manufacturing

Course Title Course Code Cr. Hrs
Computer Integrated Manufacturing ME5613 3
Mechanism Design ME5623 3
Automation and Control ME5633 3
Digital Manufacture and Rapid Manufacture ME5643 3
Manufacturing System Design and Analysis ME5653 3
Production Planning and Control ME5673 3
Operations Research ME5683 3
Material Selection and Design ME6603 3
Robotics and Manufacturing Automation ME6633 3
Advanced CAD/CAN ME5603 3
Product Design and Development ME5663 3

Elective Courses

Course Title Course Code Cr. Hrs
Theory Plates and Shells ME6033 3
Design of Machine Tools ME6043 3
Tribology ME6053 3
Engineering Plasticity ME6083 3
Mechanics of Composite Materials ME6093 3
Solar Energy Utilization ME6103 3
Energy Management ME6113 3
Advanced Propulsion ME6123 3
Renewable Energy Technologies ME6133 3
Energy Systems ME6143 3
Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer ME6203 3
Boiloing and Condensation Heat Transfer ME6213 3
Industrial Air Conditioning and Refrigeration ME6223 3
Design of Industrial Boilers and Furnaces ME6233 3
Fuel Cell Technology ME6243 3
Turbulant Flow ME6503 3
Boundary Lay Theory ME6513 3
Two Phase Flow ME6523 3
Kinetic Theory of Gases ME6533 3
Theory of Granular Flows ME6543 3
Aerodynamics ME6553 3
Modern Manufacturing Processes ME6613 3
Gradient Optimization Techiques ME6623 3
Nano Manufacturing and Fabrication ME6643 3
Quality Engineering and Management ME6653 3
Product Life Cycle Management ME6663 3
Productivity Engineering ME6773 3
Experimental Methods ME5723 3
Scheduling and Sequencing ME6683 3
Theory of Metal Cutting ME6633 3

Research Thesis/Project

Course Title Course Code Cr. Hrs
Research Thesis ME6916 6
Research Project ME6913 3