1. To provide the basic knowledge of the events leading up to the creation of Pakistan; unfolding events to describe why Pakistan is what it is today, possible threats and opportunities facing Pakistan.
2. To develop an understanding of National Ethics; Culture and Civil Rights (Constitution of Pakistan) and Codes of Ethics and Codes of Conduct (provided by Pakistan Engineering Council).
3. To enhance skills for understanding the making, working and current status of Major Civil Engineering Projects in Pakistan and their impact at the national level.


CLO:1 Scholarly treat the historical perspective of Pakistan and its contemporary issues.
CLO:2 Have sufficient knowledge about National Ethics (Culture and Civil Rights (Constitution of Pakistan) and Codes of Ethics and Codes of Conduct (provided by Pakistan Engineering Council)).
CLO:3 Have an in-depth understanding about the working and impacts of a few major civil engineering projects in Pakistan.


  1. Historical Perspective and Contemporary Issues
    • Advent of britishers in the indian sub-continent – british east india company
    • Factors leading to the creation of pakistan – economic, social and political
    • British colonization and muslim reform movement (1857 – 1905)
    • The struggle of independence (1905 – 1940)
    • The pakistan movement (1940 – 1947)
    • The teething years (1947 – 1958)
    • Modern day pakistan (1959 – 2014)
    • Future of pakistan
    • Economic prospects
    • Positional opportunities and threats
  2. Social Aspects of National Ethics
    • Common rights (social, legal and religious rights) of being pakistani citizen(from constitution of pakistan)
    • Social aspects of engineering (particularly civil engineering) ethics and conduct (from pakistan engineering council)
  3. Political/social Aspects and Impacts of Civil Engineering Projects/Resources in Pakistan
    • Political/social aspects and impacts of dams and related structures/resources at the national level
    • Political/social aspects and impacts of highways/roads at the national level