Recommended Book(s)

Principles Of Physical Biochemistry (2nd Ed.) By Van Holde, K.E., Johnson, C. & Ho, P.S. (2006) Prentice Hall, ISBN-10: 0130464279 / ISBN-13:  9780130464279

Reference Book(s)

Principles Of Biochemistry By Lehninger Et Al , 4 Edition


Students will have the theoretical foundation to understand the properties of macromolecular functions, and understand the principles by which their actions are simulated. Students will be able to critically assess primary literature written for a general scientific audience in the area of macromolecular structure & function, understanding the experimental basis in crystallography, NMR and spectroscopy.


  1. CLO: 1. Understand Basics of physics and chemistry
  2. CLO: 2. Understand applications of laws of physics and chemistry in cell systems
  3. CLO: 3. Understand fundamental macromolecular structure
  4. CLO: 4. Understand basic techniques to study macromolecular structures
  5. CLO: 5. Understand basics of membrane transport and active energy


  • Macromolecular Structure,
  • Primary Through Quaternary Structure,
  • Covalent stereochemistry & Force fields,
  • Non-bonded interactions & Force fields,
  • Thermodynamics & Kinetics, Illustrated with applications to Membrane Transport, Energy, Entropy, Free energy, Activation energy & transition states, Hydrophobic effect, Statistical mechanics, Equilibria, Reactions, Binding , Conformation, Calorimetry,
  • Membrane proteins, ion channels & pumps, Transport & Diffusion, Action potentials / measurement / synapses,
  • Crystallographic theory, X-ray Diffraction, Phasing methods – MIR & MAD, Maps,
  • Models & Refinement, Quality assessment & Biochemical interpretation,
  • Spectroscopy – Visible & UV, Quantum mechanical foundation, Absorption, Polarization – CD, Fluorescence,
  • Fluorescence anisotropy, FRET,
  •  Introduction to Magnetic Resonance, Spin interactions & relaxation,
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging,
  • Biomolecular Structure