The main objectives of this course are to acquire a basic background in histology and to understand the structure and function of cells and their interactions with one another as components of tissues and organs at the microscopic level. To be able to describe the normal structure and function of various cell types, tissues, and organs, and to differentiate their histological structures from each other through microscopic examination. To finally correlate microscopic structure with function of organs of the following systems: Integumentary, cardiovascular, lymphatic, digestive, respiratory, endocrine, urinary, male and female reproductive systems and to apply relationship between structure and function of the organs of the above systems to relevant clinical situations


CLO: 1. To identify grass morphology and the structure of various tissues of different systems of human body (C1).
CLO: 2. To demonstrate and explain the procedure of various experimental histochemical techniques (P3).
CLO: 3. To interpret histological images of the basic types of various tissues of human body (C2).


  1. Demonstration of the preparation and staining of slides.
  2. Histological examination of slides: Epithelium, Muscle tissue and Connective tissue.
  3. Organ system: Lung, Kidney, Stomach, Appendix, Skin, Intestine and Gall bladder