The objective of this lab is to acquaint pharmacy students to the practices and technologies involved in pharmaceutical product development and its exploration from laboratory scale to industrial scale. The course demonstrates manufacturing techniques of the various dosage forms.


CLO: 1. To explain principles, theory and experiments used in industrial pharmacy.
CLO: 2. To perform laboratory experiments related to industrial pharmacy by operating different laboratory equipment deftly and carry out relevant calculations and results.
CLO: 3. To analyze given data and problems using basic principles of industrial pharmacy.


  1. NOTE: Practical of the subject shall be designed from time to time on the basis of the above-mentioned theoretical topics and availability of the facilities, e.g. Manufacture of Tablets by Wet Granulation Method, by Slugging and by Direct Compression. Coating of Tablets (Sugar Coating, Film coating and Enteric Coating). Clarification of liquids by various processes. Size Reduction. Homogenization. Ampoule filling, sealing and sterilization clarity and leakage tests in injectables. Capsule filling by semi-automatic machines. Manufacture of sustained action drugs. Tablets Tests like Disintegration. Dissolution. Friability. Hardness and thickness tests. Determination of weight variation in tablets. Density of powder. Particle size analysis. (Note: A minimum of 10 practicals will be conducted).