• To understand fundamentals regarding Mechanics of Solids.
  • To develop ability of students to carry out analysis of complex state of stress.
  • To familiarize students about the failure modes of materials.
  • To enhance skills of utilizing materials of appropriate strength for civil engineering applications.


CLO: 1. To physically follow and implement concepts of stresses and strains related theories.
CLO: 2. To demonstrate the assigned task reliably independent of help for mechanics of solids experiments.
CLO: 3. To perform calculations with experimental data using concepts of stresses and strain related theories.
CLO: 4. To discuss and respond actively during lab work of mechanics of solids.


  1. Determination of yield strength, ultimate strength, rupture strength and percentage elongation of mild steel bar.
  2. To perform the Izod Impact Test for the given metals.
  3. Determination of the modulus of elasticity of the material of the given rectangular beam.
  4. Determination of the modulus of rigidity of the material of the given specimen with circular cross-section.
  5. Determination of torsion of bars with open and closed cross sections.
  6. Determination of buckling load under different conditions
  7. Bending of symmetrical and unsymmetrical cross-sections.
  8. Elastic deformation of curved beams.
  9. Determination of stresses under combined bending and torsion