Mohammad Waqar Illyas
MS in Biotechnology
Works as Clinical Embryologist at reputed IVF Centre

I am highly indebted to the entire MAJU family, in particular department of Biosciences for helping me achieve great heights in these two years. As a result of the constant support and guidance from the department, I have done my research and got good position in one the reputed IVF Centre in Pakistan.

Achievements-applauds, opportunities-thoughts, this is what I gained from MAJU. MAJU gave me the platform that I will cherish always. Someday I won and someday I learned. I am so grateful to be a part  of this university. There are so many opportunities to develop one’s personality in any field like, cultural, literature and many more. The entire faculty and other members of this institution are very cooperative. MAJU provided me with a great balance of academics and extra curriculum activities. This university believes in imparting Moral, ethical knowledge among students.

Due to such growing environment, I advised my Brother to take admission in MAJU. We have availed sibling’s scholarship as well.