This course is meant to reinforce the good understanding of C programs and implementation of data structures. This course helps the student in designing and debugging of object oriented programming applications.


CLO: 1. Illustrate better understanding of object oriented programming in C++ and program testing and debugging using visual studio. (Level: C2)
CLO: 2. Design and implement programs of small to moderate scale complexity using the concepts of Object Oriented Programming and data structures. (Level: C3)
CLO: 3. Investigate an object oriented programming application leading to solution of a moderate scale programming problem. (Level: C6)


  1. Introduction to C++ Programming & Basic Data Structures
  2. Dynamic Memory Allocation in C++ using Pointers.
  3. Overview of user defined data types (structures unions, enumeration )
  4. Fundamentals of Object oriented programming (OOP)
  5. Overview of functions and operator overloading.
  6. Overview of Inheritance & Function Overriding.
  7. Overview of functions and class templates.
  8. Overview of Array based Lists and vector lists.
  9. Implementation of singly linked list.
  10. Implementation of Doubly and circular linked list
  11. Implementation of Stack and Queues structures using array and linked list
  12. Implementation of selection sort and binary search algorithms