• To familiarize students with various methods of analysis of indeterminate structures.
  • To develop the skills for using the state-of-the-art methods of structural analysis.


CLO: 1. to explain and apply the different methods of structural analysis for statically indeterminate structures.
CLO: 2. to analyze the indeterminate frames manually using different methods of structural analysis.
CLO: 3. to measure the indeterminate frames in software using Finite Element Methods.
CLO: 4. to defend the analysis of assigned indeterminate structures.


  1. Analysis of Indeterminate Structures Using Force Approach
    • Compatibility methods for beams and frames with and without support settlement
    • Analysis of indeterminate trusses
  2. Analysis of Indeterminate Structures Using Stiffness Approach
    • Moment distribution for beams and frames for prismatic and non-prismatic members with and without side-sway and support settlement
    • Slope deflection method for beams and frames with and without support settlement
  3. Matrix Methods
    • Introduction to flexibility method
    • Determination of flexibility matrix for beams
    • Introduction to stiffness method
    • Development of member and structure stiffness matrices
    • Bending moment and shear force diagrams
    • Application of computer programs
  4. Finite Element Method:
    • Introduction to finite elements
    • Stiffness matrices for bar elements
    • Triangular elements and Rectangular elements
    • Shape function
    • Displacement functions
    • Transformation matrices
    • Structure stiffness matrix
  5. Software Application
    • Analysis of indeterminate structures using software