At university campus creation of both supportive and stimulating environments and the provision of a range of experiences in which personal development thrives and learning flourishes.


As A Liaison Office of the University

The University is fully aware of the need for co-curricular activities along with academic events, which are important to the development of a well-balanced personality. The establishment of societies and clubs allows students to explore their talents and create awareness in them about the professional world. The primary objective of these societies and clubs is to provide a platform for students to enhance their intellectual and professional capabilities by arranging seminars, both at the University and at locations outside the University, conferences, competitions, conduct workshops, and other activities to expose students to the managerial world. The activities of the societies and clubs help to encourage the professional and personal development of students and provide opportunities for entertainment and sports activities both for recreation and the development of a competitive but balanced personality. The Student Affairs office as a liaison office ensures the timely and smooth execution of all these activities by coordinating various events. An important function of the Student Affairs office is to prepare A Social Calendar of Co-curricular and Extracurricular activities after consulting all faculty members at the beginning of every semester.

Arranging Seminars/Workshops and Orientation Day

Regular seminars are held at the campus to provide students with professional know-how of what is transpiring around the world. Experts from the corporate and public sectors are frequently invited to share their knowledge and experiences with the students, which in turn helps them to identify their career options. Workshop-related activities on social and sensitive issues, in collaboration with different organizations, are also carried out to motivate students’ interest in fulfilling their moral obligations towards society.

Provide Career Counseling Services

Career counseling plays an important role in setting up every student’s academic direction. Realizing this responsibility the student affairs office through its highly professional and experienced staff provides career guidance in three main areas, namely personality development, career identification, and selection of the field of specialization within that career. The counselors help students, especially new entrants, to develop confidence and strength to overcome personal problems. Also, provide them with necessary help and information to make a conscious judgment in matters relating to career identification that finally assists them in selecting a field of specialization most suited to their particular academic needs.

Community Service/ Pak Sweet Home Project

Through the office of the student affairs, students are assigned tasks in the form of projects such as conducting fire-fighting training, tree plantation campaigns, office automation, community sales, imparting basic computer skills, and public relations training to hospitals, railways, police, and other similar institutions. In addition, specially tailored programs for non-computer professionals like doctors, health workers, engineers, and educators are also held. Advice is also given to schools and hospitals on infrastructure layouts. Training sessions and workshops are organized in collaboration with different organizations in order to create general awareness about changing technology in the world. A number of workshops and seminars are held to provide training facilities for the staff on basic issues related to HRD, Finance, Marketing, IT, and Management.

As Placement Center

Graduates of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University have the repute of being in great demand with both local and national employers; the office of the student affairs work as the Placement Center organizes information sessions and seminars regularly for multinational and local agencies to develop their human resource base. Internship opportunities are identified for students through this center, and it also provides information on graduate studies. The Placement Center places tremendous emphasis on industry linkages and liaises with employment agencies in order to find a work placement for near-to-graduating students.

Alumni Association

The University lays great importance on maintaining a link with its graduates so as to keep them informed of new academic opportunities being offered by the University from time to time. Interaction through the Alumni Association also helps the University to solicit information on preferred skills and programs sought by the industry. This enables the University to regularly update its curriculum, based on feedback.

Disabled Students

University warmly welcomes disabled students and those with other special needs. Students in wheelchairs would find many helping hands of fellow students along with wide doors and open corridors for their convenience. The students of any specific need or concern can discuss their requirements with the Director of Student Affairs.

Liaison office for Foreign Students

We welcome foreign students at Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, as per the rules and regulations of the Government of Pakistan, foreign students are required to ensure that their documents are verified by the concerned authorities and that their embassy has granted them the necessary permission to study in Pakistan. Student Affair office ensures they will be properly looked after.