1. The University shall establish an online Academic Council which shall be responsible to check the readiness of a course to be offered through distance (online) learning.
  2. There shall be a Directorate called as Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Directorate and it shall be headed by a Dean or a Senior Professor the University.
  3. There shall be a committee called as VLE Monitoring Committee comprising of various members at least one from each Department desirous to enter into online education.
  4. The VLE Monitoring Committee shall ensure the implantation of the University policy adopted for online education and it shall also ensure the compliance with the policies/guidelines issued by the regulatory bodies from time to time such as HEC/PEC etc.
  5. A course shall be cleared as an Online Course/Lab, if it met all the requirements defined for the purpose, which shall be certified by the concerned HOD and endorsed by the respective Dean of the Faculty.
  6. Only those courses/labs can be offered which are supported by the University Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS must contain, as a minimum, the following information regarding a specific course/lab:-
    1. Introduction of the course
    2. Course learning objectives
    3. Course description
    4. Course resources, i.e. course books, reference books and other material
    5. Lesson plan
    6. Grading policy
    7. Key dates
    8. Course progress report
  7. The Department shall ensure that an appropriate communication tool is available to conduct the class remotely, such as: Zoom/Team software etc.
  8. The University should arrange licensed copy of such tools to ensure their maximum utility.
  9. The Department shall ensure a connectivity mechanism between the relevant instructor and the student of a course by providing/creating accounts of its members (Course Team Creation).
  10. The HOD shall also ensure that all information regarding Online Timetable, Assessment Policy and Grading Policy etc. must be communicated/known to the students.